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How will my caregiver be chosen and what happens if I want a different one?
At Rx Home Care, we make every effort to match the appropriate care giver to your needs and requests. Our clinicians know to ask the right questions to help determine exactly the kind of caregiver that is best for each client. We do our best to match not only skill level, but also personality traits, likes, dislikes, and so forth. If you become dissatisfied with your attendant and wish to make a change, we will immediately work to accommodate your request.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No, you will not be asked to sign a contract. Our Service Agreement does not involve any long-term commitments on your part, but only authorizes Rx Home Care to serve you as a home care provider. You may cancel your care at any time with no penalty at all.

What is the minimum amount of care I can receive?
Rx Home Care has no minimum hour requirements. Service is available for as little as one-hour visits. There is no minimum number of visits required.

What happens if I want to cancel and resume care?
Our services are client driven, and we gladly accommodate your needs. You can cancel care at any time and resume it again as you wish.

Can I get the same caregiver all the time?
We do our best to insure the highest level of continuity in your care. As long as the caregiver of your choice is available and willing to work, there is no reason why a change would need to be made. If your caregiver has an emergency or needs time off, we will offer you a temporary replacement to serve you until your regular caregiver is available again.

How is my caregiver screened by Rx Home Care?
Every caregiver Rx Home Care employs has a current license and/or certificate (where applicable) and a clear criminal background check in accordance with Pennsylvania state law. In addition, all employees have a child abuse clearance and are C.P.R. certified. All of the caregivers in our agency are required to provide a comprehensive work history, including verified personal and professional references (home care agencies, nursing homes, religious organizations, hospices, assisted living communities etc.). It is most important to us to put your needs first. We will only refer a caregiver to you who has the necessary experience and disposition to fulfill your individual needs.

How much do your services cost?
Because of the competitive nature of the business, it is generally not wise for a private care company to post their rates online. We do periodic market-place analyses and strive to negotiate competitive rates between our clients and their caregivers while maintaining our exceptional level of service. Call one of our experts at our office and we will be happy to discuss this further.

What payment methods do you accept and when will I be billed?
Every two weeks, our billing department reviews the notes your caregiver has submitted and bills you for your caregiver's time. Rx Home Care accepts payments of cash or checks.

Do you accept insurance?
Yes, we do accept payments from many long-term care insurance policies. If you have a long-term care policy and would like to explore your options, our staff would be pleased to discuss this with you.

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